Artists &
Designers Fair
in Krakow

BRAND-NEW ART – fresh Polish art and design at its best, in one place, straight from the artists!

Visit the Ogiński-Potulicki Palace
Kraków (12–13.11)
and online (12–30.11).

Well-known names from previous fairs, plus remarkable debuts. Join this event and share it with your family and friends. Visit the Ogiński-Potulicki Palace at 4 Piłsudski Street, Kraków, on 12 and 13 November. The exhibitors will also be on our website (nowkasztuka.com) until the end of the month.

Who is it for? For you – art lovers, design enthusiasts, and seekers of original presents.

Would you like to invest in art but don’t know where to begin? Want to be up to date with the latest news and debuts? Would you like to support Polish artists through direct slaes? Want to give your loved ones unique gifts but don’t know where to look? Come to the art and design fair and choose from a range of works unavailable anywhere else. This could be the start of your own collection!

Collectors, publishers, business people, creatives, architects, interior and graphic designers – this event is also for you. Why? Because Brand-New Art [“Nówka Sztuka”] is an ideal opportunity to meet creators, have inspiring conversations, buy jury-selected works commission-free, and cooperate with young artists and designers who are just entering the market. It’s also a chance to get involved in joint projects.

posters / graphic art / painting / illustrations / books / photography / design / sculptures


mastertalk with Stephanie Dieckvoss
“The Art Market in 2022: Harnessing Uncertainty”

12 November, at 1.00–1.45 pm
/Lecture in english/

Stephanie Dieckvoss discusses the art market in the current climate, considering its condition in 2022, as the world comes out of a global pandemic but is fraught with global uncertainty – from the consequences of Brexit to the war in the Ukraine. What does it mean? What possible trends and tendencies are emerging? The talk will examine both challenges and opportunities for a market which has on the one hand proven resilient to innovation and change in the past, but on the other has been less affected by economic downturns than anticipated. She will focus on initiatives aimed at disrupting the ongoing rise of global players in the art market, asking how dissident voices can still make themselves heard, and whether a democratisation of the market is possible. She will spotlight artists’ attempts to market their works directly to clients and/or find alternative sources of income. The first half of the talk will give a more statistical overview, while the second half will offer examples of creative practice.

Stephanie Dieckvoss is an art historian, lecturer and journalist. After a 15-year career in the commercial art world, she now works as a freelance lecturer, academic, researcher and journalist. From 2017 to the end of 2021, she was director of the Art Business MA course at Kingston School of Art, Kingston University. She is the art-market correspondent for the German financial newspaper Handelsblatt and is currently doing an AHRC-funded PhD on spatial concepts of alternative art fairs in the 1990s.

12–13 November 2022

Photos from previous editions of
the Artists & Designers Fair in Krakow

About the fair

Our competition jury will select the most promising personality in the visual arts field for a 10000 PLN prize, in recognition of the most outstanding works on display.
Throughout the fair, we will showcase fresh, contemporary works sold directly by the artists, commission-free. The most interesting oeuvres by featured young creators and acclaimed professionals will be put up for auction.
Most of our exhibitors are young, often starting out on their artistic journey. However, we feel that artistic novelty depends not on a creator’s age, but their relevance. So, our professionals’ zone will include works by esteemed, recognised artists.

To emphasise the connection between higher education and our fair, we also offer side-events, lectures and discussion panels (including one in English, The Art Market in 2022: Harnessing Uncertainty by Stephanie Dieckvoss). Another vital element is to highlight
direct links between artist and audience. We strive to educate creators about business and marketing aspects and make consumers aware that artists are more than an enigmatic signature in the corner of a painting.

Considering Kraków’s role as a creative cultural centre, we focus on synergy between art and business. We believe that the growing digital art market will attract new creators and customers alike, so selected works will be available to purchase as NFTs.
Our fair’s interactive website helps connect the audience with artists to jointly explore art and design. You can talk to selected artists and designers directly, while a large gallery divided into eight categories will let you discover their work.
If any artworks presented in our gallery move you or awaken the collector within you, they can easily be bought.
“Art is not just a thing; with every purchase, the buyer also receives a piece of your creative spirit.”

– Carolyn Edlund, art business consultant



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