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Nówka Mówi

→ 25–26 June 2022

Instytut Sztuki i Designu UP
ul. Podbrzezie 3
31-054 Kraków


Brand New Art Talks is a series of events addressed not only to creators and enthusiasts of art and design but to all those interested in the latest trends and wishing to explore the creative passions of artists of the young generation.

The series is an opportunity to meet experts and get to know personalities representing the latest trends on the Polish art scene.

Brand New Art Talks is a series that:

  • encourages reflection on the condition of the art and design market in Central Europe, thus creating a space for debate that allows creators, experts and consumers of the products of artistic activities to reach constructive conclusions,
  • can be a source of inspiration for artists and professionals operating in the regional art market, pointing to new directions of development,
  • helps establish contacts and cooperation between artists, curators, and art promoters from Poland and abroad.

Among other things, Brand New Art Talks includes seminars, debates and workshops dedicated to access to art and participation in the art market, addressed not only to the hermetic circle of artists but also to representatives of creative industries, potential entrepreneurs, collectors and ordinary bread eaters looking for a break from the mundane routine of everyday life.
All meetings will be held in a virtual space online and in the real exhibition space, allowing interested participants to choose the most convenient form of participation.

Brand New Art Talks adopts as its main goals:

  • educating artists to equip them with appropriate knowledge and competencies facilitating their success in the art market and allowing them to successfully navigate the business environment, which is challenging for artists;
  • equipping young artists with marketing and promotional skills, allowing them to establish contacts and collaborate with the consumers of their creative endeavours to create the conditions and incentives for them to continue their creative work and enable them to pursue their chosen path of artistic creativity;
  • seminars dedicated to professionals – artists, creators, and professionals from creative industries, demonstrating ways to build a stable position on the cultural market, in creative industries and in other areas related to the pursuit of artistic professions.

Brand New Art Talks adopts as its specific objectives:

  • organising debates, seminars, and workshops aimed at providing broadly understood art education to the public to stimulate interest in participation in cultural and artistic life;
  • enabling contacts between representatives of all creative industries with potential buyers, including publishers, bookshops, architects, designers, art dealers and agents, while cultivating awareness of the potential, needs, and specific characteristics of the creative industries
  • popularising knowledge concerning the domain of creative industries;
  • inclusion of Kraków’s artistic circles into cooperation for the promotion of art and design and ways of facilitating the entry of art graduates onto the career path;
  • expanding the activities and expert support for the management team for continuous improvement and raising the level of competence;
  • providing an opportunity to meet outstanding personalities from the world of design;
  • integration of the design and design community;
  • providing assistance in establishing and maintaining cooperation between the private sector (companies), the academic environment (universities) and the governmental (city) and non-governmental sector (cultural organisations and institutions);
  • promoting economic development – „monetisation” of art and design, development of diverse branches of creative industry
  • promoting self-employment and stimulating entrepreneurial attitudes, developing a start-up environment;
  • promoting active ways of spending leisure time;
  • producing films documenting the activities of artists in their studios and workshops, i.e. in their natural creative environment; constant updating of the database presenting artists’ profiles and achievements.
  • coaching – future- and goal achievement-oriented work with artists in the area spanning psychology and project management ;
    – mentoring programmes;
    – promoting activities oriented towards establishing cooperation between established artists and young creators at the threshold of their creative and professional careers;
    – initiatives supporting the process of professionalisation.

The activities organised as part of the „Brand New Art Talks” series of seminars, debates, and workshops are a response to social needs in the areas of arts education and promoting participation in culture. They foster knowledge about the value of art and design, the people who create them and their place in society. Furthermore, we want to explore and establish links between art and business, between design and industry. It is intended to contribute to the development of competencies facilitating smooth cooperation between the sectors and competencies in cooperation between individuals and groups of creators based on knowledge about the timeless value of art and design for the surrounding world and the appreciation of creativity and artistic creation. Meetings and cooperation with professionals (representatives of galleries, museums, publishing houses, media, critics, experts, and lecturers) will be a catalyst for cultivating such knowledge and developing relevant competencies. The aim is to further the dynamic development of the Polish creative sectors, making it possible, especially for young artists who are just entering the art and design market, to be included in them.

The series will emphasise the unique role of Krakow on the map of Polish art and design as a city with a centuries-long tradition of establishing links between culture, design, and architecture.



25–26 June 2022